Discovering Cegos Asia Pacific: Our Diverse Team and Dynamic Office in Singapore


Welcome to Cegos Asia Pacific!

Our Asia Pacific HQ is located in sunny Singapore, with a diverse team led by a couple of us in this video as well as others in the Philippines & Indonesia.

We made this video especially so that you know who we are, and the culture of the team members whom you might be engaging with.

At the same time, we were joined by Emanuele Castellani, CEO of Cegos Asia Pacific and Executive Board Member of Cegos Group, who returned to Singapore ever since the pandemic.

Emanuele was particularly impressed with the company's office in Singapore, which he described as an edge based on several perspectives. The office's modern, agile, and dynamic team structure, which is partly based in Singapore and partly abroad, contributes to growth. Additionally, the co-working space where the office is located creates a flavor of openness, sharing, and inspiration. Talk to any of us if you have a need to develop your people in your organizations!