Digital Skills: 4 steps to prepare for the future


With technology evolving at a rapid pace and organizations' growing investment in the digitalization and automation of activities and processes, digital skills are gaining prominence and are increasingly valued.

When we talk about digital skills we are referring to the ability to use digital tools, manipulate technological devices and above all to continually adapt.

We share with you some tips that will help you meet current demands:

Face technological innovations with the curiosity of a child

How many of us look at a new tool or device with suspicion, as if it were a bomb and clicking the wrong button could "detonate" it?! What if we looked at them from a child's point of view?! With curiosity and exploring the unknown without fear. Dare to do the same exercise: explore, experiment, investigate and free yourself from the fear of making mistakes.

Unleash the Digital Sherlock within you

Being able to do good research on the Internet and understand how search engines work is a true superpower. If you have already tuned it, it will allow you to make the most of not only your searches, but also the various artificial intelligence tools. The better you define the question, context, instruction, the easier it will be to achieve the expected result.

Digital Skills: 4 steps to prepare for the future

Go from "Oh, what a scare!" to "OH THAT'S GOOD!"

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have taken on a major role in technology-related news. Although there are still some gray areas related to ethics, lack of regulation, privacy and security, which can generate some insecurity, it is undeniable that AI can be an excellent ally to increase productivity, reduce risks and support creative activities. According to the report published by Forbes Advisor UK in 2023, 2 in 5 employers mentioned this skill as one of the most sought after.

Be the protagonist of the film "007 CyberEye: The Digital Threat"

With the growth of technologies, cyber threats are also becoming more common and more creative, making it crucial that you know how to identify, prevent and report a cyber threat. Your organization, colleagues and customers count on you.

The 2023 Forbes Advisor UK report cited above describes cybersecurity as the second most sought-after digital skill in 2023 and will certainly continue to be highlighted in the coming years.