Cegos secures a lasting foothold in Latin America

Press release Paris, 30 March 2015

Cegos secures a lasting foothold in Latin America

Cegos, an international leader in Training and Development, is pursuing its expansion. After buying out Integrata, the number one training company on the German market, last December, Cegos is setting up in Chile. The Group has set out to extend its influence over the whole Latin American zone and will support multinationals in their international learning projects. Other new locations are planned shortly in South America.

New growth drivers in sight in Latin America

Cegos has been operating in Latin America for some years now through its network of e-learning distributor partners, and has today its own base in Chile. This regional platform has been set up specifically to help multinationals roll out their international training projects.José Montes, Cegos Group Chairman, said: "Today Latin America is a major growth driver in the training sector. Chile is a good place to start because the market is mature, and very stable from a legal viewpoint: many multinationals have bases there. The country is also a standard-setter in management, one of our flagship areas of expertise."The Cegos platform in Chile is headed by Javier Hermosilla. This Chilean national has an excellent grasp of the finer points of the market and the key international accounts.To cement its development, Cegos will rely on its in-depth knowledge of multinational groups, which are very well established in Latin America.The Group will also benefit from the complementarity between its regional platform and its partners network: the latter will continue to market Cegos’s e-learning solutions in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, etc., while the Chilean office will focus on the main global training programs of South American, Asian and European companies.This new base in Chile is a first step: Cegos should be opening a second office in Brazil in summer 2015.

Cegos playing a major role in market consolidation

In recent months, Cegos has been stepping up its international expansion. The installation of its Latin American platform follows the opening of a similar structure in Singapore in 2012, which serves its international customers throughout the Asia-Pacific zone. Last December, the Group bought out Integrata, the long-standing leader on the German training market. This acquisition enables Cegos to consolidate its European leadership by placing itself at the forefront of training market consolidation in Europe. "For Cegos, being leader on its market means being in a position to seize prime growth opportunities at the right time. We are investing new areas to expand our sphere of action. Today, we are unquestionably an international leader in training and development" explained José Montes, Cegos Group Chairman.

The international market, Cegos's playing field for over 50 years

 The Cegos Group started expanding into the international market in the 1950s. Today it has its own offices in 12 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America, in addition to a network of partners and distributors - all leaders in the training sector or major technology players - in over 50 countries. This places the Cegos Group in a position to support its customers and coordinate projects all over the world, with 12,000 ‘bespoke’ projects led every year. Cegos solutions are designed in the "Think global, learn local" spirit, i.e. created with an international outlook, but adapted to local concerns. Its catalog of multilingual solutions (available in 17 languages) is an example. The Group perfectly handles the management of training project abroad, a business that only few actors in the world can carry out. The Group has recognized know-how in this area, with nearly 300 programmes deployed to date in more than 40 countries.José Montes concluded: "Given the economic crisis and its adverse effect on companies' training expenses, especially in Europe, Cegos's development model is proving to be agile, sound and sustainable. We want to be offensive and constantly closer to our clients by bringing to them much more than knowledge: the very best in content, learning methods and services, wherever they need. It is our true goal."

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About the Cegos GroupSince its creation in 1926, the Cegos Group has developed into Europe's leading player and one of the world's top providers of in-company training. Cegos currently employs 1,000 people and operates in over 50 countries worldwide through its subsidiaries and partner distributors. In 2014, the Group generated sales of nearly €200 million (Integrata AG included), 50% of which came from outside France and over 10% from international projects.Backed by a deep knowledge of the corporate world, Cegos trains 250,000 people around the globe every year, in in-house or open courses. The Group has a comprehensive product range (cegos.com) that extends from off-the-shelf courses to bespoke solutions. Its ‘blended’ approach aims to deliver the most efficient and effective learning experience by combining different learning techniques.www.cegos.com Follow us also on Twitter and Facebook.