Cegos in the Top 20 of the world's Learning Services Companies according to Training Industry


Cegos has been included for the 10th consecutive year in the Top 20 of the best training organizations in the world in the Learning Services category of Training Industry.

The experience of the Cegos Group and its companies Cimes and Cegos Integrata

The “Learning Services” category refers to the end-to-end management of outsourced training : content development, training administration and delivery, vendor management, impact measurement, learning strategy, etc.
By choosing the Cegos Group and its companies Cimes and Cegos Integrata, Training Industry has rewarded the experience, scope and quality of our training service offering .

The benefits of training outsourcing

Outsourcing has proven its many benefits in supporting Learning & Development professionals . This regardless of their challenges: transformation of the offer, of the processes, and also of the organization of training. Benefits include:

  • Flexibility , with adaptable systems and services
  • Quality , with management focused on service level agreement
  • The high level of reactivity and adaptability of the proposed solutions (switching to distance learning, preparing applications for public funding, etc.)

Discover the experience of Cimes and Cegos-Integrata.

What makes this year's Top 20 different?

“The companies selected for this year's Top 20 Learning Services offer their customers an exceptional range of services with quality end-to-end solutions. These include content creation, training technologies, learning strategies, delivery, administrative management and more ,” said Jessica Schue , market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “With their innovative approach and impact on the professional training market, these companies can help create the best training solution for any organization."

This new recognition complements those in which Training Industry has referred to Cegos Group in 2024: Leadership Training and Custom Content Development .

About Training Industry, Inc.

Training Industry is the largest source of information for training decision makers. Establishes a Top 20 organizations in the most important training fields. The goal is to help professionals identify the best and most innovative providers of training-related services and technologies. Additionally, Training Industry publishes news, articles, webinars and studies for training professionals. They also offer advice to anyone looking for a training solution or service provider.

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