Cegos bags 6 prestigious international awards for 2021

Published on : 15/02/2022

Our success is also your success.

Thank you once again, Training Industry, Inc. and Brandon Hall Group for recognising our expertise and leadership in the global learning industry for 2021.

And of course, big thanks to our global teams, clients, and partners for making this possible, year after year.

We look forward to imparting and emulating excellence with you!

Here are the 6 awards that we share with you:

1. Top 20 Company (2021)

Leadership training for the 6th year

2. Top 20 Company (2021)

Custom Content Development

3. Top 20 Company (2021)

Training outsourcing for the 7th year

Brandon Hall Group - awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Excellence awards to:

4. Gold Excellence in Learning award for the project “Essentials of Leadership”


5. Silver Excellence in Sales Performance award for the programme “Gaining clients for life”


6. Bronze Excellence in Leadership Development award for the project “Change: a new leadership model”


About Training Industry, Inc.

Training Industry, Inc. is the most trusted source of information on the business of learning. Their authority is built on deep ties with expert contributors who share insights and actionable information with their peers. The Top 20 Training Companies Lists help business leaders find the right training partners. Training Industry presents live events, articles, magazine, webinars, podcast, research, reports and offers complementary referrals to training professionals seeking to source products or services.


About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group is a research and analyst firm whose mission is to empower excellence in organisations all across the globe through their world-recognised research and tools.


Further information

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