Building the managers of the future

Close-up of a handsome businessman smiling and looking at cameraWe hear a lot about the future of work and how the business environment is changing so rapidly.Much of this change is welcome, especially when it leads to greater efficiencies and more enterprising ways of working. But the pace of change, and the amount on unlearning and new learning that needs to take place as a result, can be overwhelming.Tomorrow’s managers need to be equipped with a whole range of skills and knowledge to deal effectively with change. Indeed, it is important that organisations take steps now to stay competitive, so that leaders and managers are ready and able to deal with the challenges ahead.Cegos APAC will soon publish a white paper that explores just how well prepared today’s leaders and managers are for the future workplace.The paper is based partly on research we published back in 2016 on the future of work. In it, we found a few surprising insights into how today’s managers shape up, and what HR leaders think are the most challenging issues facing our organisations as we race towards the next decade. You can read a bite-sized version here or download the full document for free here.Cegos APAC has just released a survey to assess how leaders and managers fare in the Asia Pacific. When putting together the white paper, we will focus on four key areas that, in our view, reflect the most pressing need for skills and knowledge development:

1. Technology and innovation

Advances in technology are disrupting the way we do business more than ever. In order to innovate and succeed in a competitive marketplace, leaders and managers need to keep up with the pace of change and understand how to make the best use of new technologies.

2. The human touch

Technology has a big impact on the way we work, but it is important not to lose the human touch. Organisations that reflect this ethos in their work practises and recruitment drives will be the ultimate winners.

3. Strategy

Good planning, along with flexibility and agility, help modern organisations stay ahead of the game in an increasingly complex world.

4. Productivity

Leaders and managers must keep in touch with their workforce and create an environment that maximises operational efficiencies and productivity. With a willingness to act, and action to remove unnecessary obstacles, organisations can really thrive in a tough marketplace.Cegos APAC is looking for willing volunteers to take part in the survey. If you are a professional working in the Asia Pacific region, then click here to get started. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and will also get you thinking about leader and manager readiness in your own organisation.The white paper will be launched at a special event later in the year, and it’s something we’re very excited about. As a group, Cegos is committed to ensuring leaders, managers and other professionals are well equipped to deal with the challenges of today, as well as tomorrow.We’re looking forward to finding out what organisations are doing right now to prepare their future leaders. There will naturally be some skills gaps and concerns amongst HR and L&D managers, too.Together, we can address those issues and arm ourselves for whatever the future has to throw at us.For more details on our upcoming event in Singapore, please contact us.