AI Driven Careers


International Webinar | November 16th, 11am WET / 12am CET

Grupo Cegos invites you to participate in an exclusive online event that will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of work. The event, "AI Driven Career", promises to be an inspiring debate about how AI will shape human work in the future.

After the success of the event " Unleash the Power of AI in Digital Learning ", which had more than a thousand live participants, we decided to resume this debate. This time, Liliana Louro will moderate a panel discussion with Hanelise Wagner and William Hasselberger.

Together, they will delve deeper into the theory and practice of augmented reality and explore the potential and challenges for employees and organizations of the future with AI that has arrived!


Where are we now

Theory and Practice of “Augmented” Work (from the Employee to the Organization) - With Hanelise Wagner

The impact of AI on the job market is ambiguous. It is true that AI has the potential to eliminate routine tasks, but this has not actually happened yet. Although the quality of work has been affected more than the quantity, the majority of people who have integrated AI into their daily functions feel satisfied and say that their quality of work has improved. However, the same percentage, around 60%, fear the effects of AI.

Additionally, despite the great public attention and noise surrounding artificial intelligence, only 50% to 60% of organizations claim to have adopted it. Where do we stay? Where is AI? What is the reality of augmented work? What companies tell us.

Where are we going

What Do We Want AI to Do for Us? – With William Hasselberge

The possibilities that AI can do for us are endless, how far do we want to go? The boundary between man and machine is constantly being redefined, but what role do we want AI to play in our lives? Is it possible not to avoid the trap of technological determinism? How can AI integrate into organizations? Is there also space for AI ethics?

Why you should participate

  • Discover the latest advances in AI and their impact on the job market;
  • A diverse panel of experts, in cultural terms but also academics and professionals, with one thing in common: effective experience in their field of activity in AI.
  • Be part of the conversation and gain knowledge through our well-documented approach, which features the latest studies from international organizations, relevant academic research, and insights from those on the ground.
  • Watch a dynamic, live debate between the moderator and guest experts and join the discussion.


Hanelise Wagner is a specialist in Digital Transformation at Cegos França, with extensive international experience in training and developing digital skills, as well as in change management. Hanelise is passionate about helping organizations navigate the complex world of digital transformation and achieve their goals through innovative solutions. She has made a decisive contribution to helping companies develop their AI training programs.

William Hasselberger is Associate Professor at the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), and Director of the Digital Ethics Laboratory (LED) at UCP, a center for advanced studies and interdisciplinary research on emerging technologies and their impact on society. He is also vice-president of the Ethics Committee for Research in Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities (CETCH) at UCP, as well as Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, USA. 

Liliana Louro currently serves as Editorial Manager of the Cegos Group Offer. Liliana has varied international experience. She has led the integration of AI into the development and production of learning and development content, while carrying out academic research on AI in L&D.