Abstract: The Triangulation of Success


"The Triangulation of Success" offers a profound exploration of effective leadership, summarized by Dr. Timothy Low, Head of Healthcare Investment at Pavilion Capital.

This abstract paper delves into three pivotal elements: Habits, Expectations, and Needs, crucial for navigating and mastering the complexities of leadership in today's dynamic environments, based on the leadership lessons he acquired as an executive leader.

Dr. Low's insights illuminate how cultivating intentional habits can foster resilience and adaptability in leaders. By aligning these habits with the evolving expectations of stakeholders and team members, leaders can effectively bridge the gap between vision and execution. Understanding the complex demands of individuals and organizations further enhances leadership efficacy, enabling sustainable growth and impactful decision-making. Download the abstract to uncover Dr. Low's strategic framework and gain valuable perspectives on enhancing leadership capabilities in an ever-changing landscape.

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