3 Learning Rules for Effective Training


In learning there are different methods and strategies to guarantee obtaining knowledge. This is why, at Cegos APAC we rely on three learning rules for effective training .

These rules will be your allies in training and training your employees. In order to provide them with a great opportunity for development and professional growth.

Furthermore, this will have a positive impact on your company, leaving notable operational benefits. Since, a motivated and trained employee offers better skills and abilities in their work. 

It is a good idea to provide complementary professional knowledge to our work team to get the best out of them and motivate them to develop their capabilities.

You need to start seeing the training of your employees as a valuable investment. Exact! It is not an expense, on the contrary, if it is invested in a planned and intelligent way in a learning plan, you will be able to notice positive changes in your company. 

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Continuous learning as a key part of business success

Continuous learning gives people the opportunity to strengthen their skills and talents, as well as gain new knowledge. Something that is a great benefit for companies.

Ideas, skills and competencies are strategic factors to achieve the competitiveness of a company. Since all the knowledge that workers acquire will be effectively implemented in the company. 

A company's best resource is its employees, so why not invest in them to improve their skills? This is a smart investment!

Yes, if you invest in employee learning, the operations and tasks performed within the company will begin to improve significantly. This improvement can even be seen in numbers ; both in sales and in future new clients.  

So that you can visualize it better, below we highlight the benefits of continuous learning for employees :

  • Accelerate the adaptation and performance of new collaborators by offering them from day one the tools they require to effectively perform their work.
  • Reduces the gap between current skills and those required according to the job and area in which you work.
  • Improves employee performance, as they acquire skills and reinforce those they already have.
  • Motivates employees by knowing that their development and advancement within the organization is considered important.
  • Provides autonomy to the employee; Well, with the right knowledge and skills, they need less supervision and can make decisions.
  • Increases the competitiveness, profitability and productivity of the company.
  • Create a good reputation for the employer by offering growth to its workforce, which will attract qualified talent.
  • Reduces personnel turnover by offering preparation for them to develop a career plan within the organization.

Later, we will emphasize the three rules of learning : 

Assimilation of error as a part of learning

Throughout life, even as children, we are made to believe that making mistakes is wrong and we should be ashamed of that. But, it is totally false . 

Nowadays, it has been shown that error is just another tool in the learning process. 

Making mistakes is a tool that, unintentionally, leads you to success; but, only if the errors are accepted, overcome and corrected. 

It is necessary to make mistakes in the course of learning to differentiate what is wrong and right naturally. It is important to start with this rule to correct any errors that may be made in time.

It has demonstrated great positive results in students and people who continue to train in different areas of work. Accept and assimilate your mistakes! The best way to learn is to do it from them. 

Advantages of learning rules

Think about education in all environments

The learning process must range from professional training to personal training . Since it is essential that a person with education and professional training knows good manners, oratory, expression, etc.,

This contributes to the personal development of each individual, providing them with the necessary tools for their growth within the company and in their personal life.

It is for all this that it is essential to think about education in all environments; both professional and personal. Making people a little better than they already are. 

Be responsible for your own education

Every company must take charge of the training and training of its own employees. Generating value to your human resources to increase positive results in different work areas. 

Providing courses, seminars, workshops, instructional videos and educational materials to employees on different topics of interest will add value to each of their work. And thus, the company will be able to obtain good results from its workers.

cases of learning rules


Implementing and investing in good learning plans for your employees provides a great positive impact to your company. 

This learning process will allow the organization to remain competitive in the market in which it operates. In addition, better work performance will be evident that will continually grow as staff train. 

At Cegos Asia Pacific we offer you more than 100 training courses spread across 12 areas of knowledge to facilitate the development of competencies and skills in your organization. Contact us and we will advise you.