12 Tips For Successful Blended Learning

Blended-LearningBlended learning is all the rage in the Asia Pacific region. Hence, sharing 12 smart tips for successful blended learning.
  • Ensure there is alignment to the guiding principles for a successful blended learning event
  • Align the learning goals to the organisational, functional and individual’s learning goals.
  • Create a strong project coalition to guide the blended program from inception to completion and measurement
  • Create a high level design based on all learning objectives and principles in points 1 and 2.
  • Project team sign off high level design for all elements of the blended program
  • Only now does the development commence! With full support & involvement from all project members, supporters and sponsors.
  • Ensure all content elements within the blended learning track can be aligned to the learning goals and organisational outcomes desired
  • Ensure the elements within your learning track are INTEGRATED and not merely assembled.
  • Each component part must fulfill its role, relating to what has preceded it, providing new learning points and preparing the learner for what comes after as part of their ongoing blended learning journey.
  • Always be flexible and willing to modify / refine and engage with individual learners as much as the core training groups.
  • Regular project steering group reviews to track progress and gather measurables from a Return on Experience and Investment (ROI) perspectiveTechnology is the enabler of the process not the driver.
  • Technology must be user friendly and appropriate to the target audience in terms of its functionality, interactivity and ease of use.