A Cegos Digital Initiative for Performance Support

GetSmart is the latest initiative designed by Cegos to help organisations boost their learning and development performance in the digital learning era. GetSmart allows your managers and teams to connect, learn, be motivated and engaged on the go.

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GetSmart Features:


Wall: Works as a corporate social network. The company can share information with different types of audiences. Allows comments and likes.

Chat: Facilitates users to have 1 on 1 or group chats for community learning.

Contacts: Bringing your users closer together is as easy as looking someone up on an internal directory and reaching out easily to connect.


Microlearning: Leverages existing digital content or adds new multimedia content to create bite-sized learning.

Coaching: Establishes a digital documentation channel for coaching sessions between coach and coachee.


Recognition badges and Rewards Points (This feature is not available in the demo)


Analytics to track and compile data.

We build and design to your organisation’s requirements. GetSmart can be renamed to your preference.

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