Managing transformations with Test and Learn approach


  • Dare to launch a short-term test, rather than trying to anticipate all the risks.
  • Act first on a small, scale and evaluate the results to improve.
  • Give yourself permissions and the right to make mistakes.
  • Rely on allies to get started.
  • Respect your ''test approach'', so that its legitimacy is not challenged.
  • Challenge your habits and be creative to make your solution evolve.

For who ?

Any manager or project manager dealing with change management.


How to set up a Test & Learn approach? What are the advantages? In this module, you will see in particular how to: Prepare a small-scale test , Set up the test , Gather feed-back from experience.


Through a story to be built step by step in video format, you will help a manager to set up an experiment in his department to strengthen cohesion and communication between teams, using the 'Test & Learn' approach.

Average Duration

10 minutes

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