Successfully adapting your message

Topic: Professional Efficiency

Your role often requires you to deliver the same message to different people and in different circumstances.

For example, you may have to address your team members, the Board, an individual or presenting before a large group. The impact of your message varies in different situations, even if the content is the same.

Your success depends on your ability to adapt to different contexts.

Learning objectives:

Explore an original and practical method which will help you to adjust your message in all circumstances. This easy-to-use method will allow you to practice delivering the same message to different audiences, allowing you to become more adept at adapting to different contexts - a skill that is critical to your success!

  • Identify which are the main situations in which public speaking is required within a company.
  • Gain an aerial overview of the situation which let you prospect the target audience, what is at stake and the context.
  • How to adapt your message for different situations.

Watch preview video here:

Learning outcomes:

You would be able to size up situations which may require speaking in public. You understand how to adapt your message to your audience, and is able to prepare your speech more effectively communicating in different situations.

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