Preparing and structuring the annual performance review

Topic: Human Resources

Part A:

The annual performance review is a central component of performance management and has a direct impact on coworker motivation and commitment.

It is an opportunity to measure individual contributions to the organization's success, and to identify areas for improvement in accordance with the overall strategy.

For these reasons, the annual performance review requires thorough preparation and a coherent structure.

Learning objectives:

This module combines theory and practice to help you transfer what you have learned to your workplace:

  • Deriving a method to prepare for annual performance reviews.
  • How to foster dialog using appropriate listening techniques.

Part B:

The annual performance review is a key component of a manager's duties. Its success is dependent on your commitment and on a climate of trust between you and your coworkers.

You will need to know how to set motivating objectives that align with the organization's strategy and review the performance of your coworkers, using a rigorous method and employing the correct listening and communication techniques.

Learning objectives:

Through exercises and short videos, you will identify the pitfalls to avoid and best practice to adopt, to ensure that your annual performance reviews keep your coworkers committed and motivated:

  • How to structure annual performance reviews.
  • When conducting the review phase, what are the objectives to set as well as the conclusion.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this 2-part module, you will be able to:

  • Conduct annual performance reviews with greater ease and professionalism. You will have identified the key information you need to gather beforehand to support your assessment, and the listening techniques you need to use to foster constructive dialog and create a climate of trust with your coworker during the interview.
  • Conduct the main phases of an annual performance review. You will identify the key facts you need to gather to deliver an objective, shared assessment. You will learn how to set SMART objectives and to carry out regular update meetings throughout the year to support your coworkers’ performance.

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