Anticipating Project Risks

Topic: Project Management

Projects often involve new and complex tasks. As a result, one of the project manager’s main responsibilities is to limit, as much as possible, the exposure of the project to events that place it under threat.

To do this, project managers must perform certain activities, along with their team, to:

  • anticipate and manage any risks that put the project in jeopardy.
  • involve the members of the project team in reducing risks.

This is a 2-part module.

Part A Learning objectives:

Using a practical case study, understand a structured approach to identifying and assessing potential risks for your project. There will be explanatory videos, interactive activities and quizzes to take you through the process step by step:

  • What is the notion of risk in a project?
  • How to master the risk management process.
  • To identify project risks and their possible triggers with your team.
  • What is a the risk register.
  • How to assess risk probability and severity.

Part B Learning objectives:

There will be a practical case study as well in this module to demonstrate a structured approach to managing and monitoring potential risks for your project:

  • What is an appropriate response to the project risk.
  • How to mitigate threats and seizing opportunities.
  • To monitor risks and updating the risk register.

Watch preview video here:

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the concept of risk, as well as the project risk management process. By identifying project risks, you are able to gave a series of methods and practical tools to assess their severity and prioritize them.
  • You will be able to manage and monitor project risks by adopting a strategy to deal with opportunities and threats. When necessary, you will also involve your team in the project risk management process.

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