Project Planning

Topic: Project Management

"Why waste time creating a project schedule that is likely to change regularly throughout the project?" This is a question most if not all project managers are asking themselves.

In this 2-part module, you will take a look at the type of challenges issues involved in project planning (some go far beyond the creation of a simple color diagram).

Part A Learning objectives:

Understand the key phases of a planning process step-by-step via an interactive case study. Key notions will be explained in context through videos and activities:

  • What is an appropriate project presentation method (the milestone diagram or Gantt chart)
  • To list activities, identify the continuity constraints, draw up a logical succession of tasks, and determine the duration of activities.

Part B Learning objectives:

Utilise explanatory videos and interactive videos to formalize and communicate about a project:

  • To calculate dates and identify the critical path.
  • What are 'free' and 'total' floats.
  • Create a Gantt chart and choose your tracking tool.

Watch preview video here:

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to define the most appropriate schedule presentation method for your project at the end of Part A. You can also share a project planning process with your team.
  • Knowing a project's critical path so as to adopt the right attitude to floats in your schedule, you are able to formalize, communicate and share the team’s activity.

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