Problem-solving: Tools and Methods


Managers have numerous problems to solve on a daily basis. To be effective, they need to clarify the problem, determine the probable causes and provide appropriate solutions.

In this 2-part module, you are going to follow a method that will help you, through a succession of key steps and associated tools, to structure your ideas and thoughts and be more effective in your problem solving approach.

Part A Learning objectives:

Through a case study, you will learn the step-by-step problem resolution method and how to use simple, practical tools. This case study will help you to identify the key principles of each tool, allowing you to transfer the method easily to your own context:

  • Presentation of the “ACE” problem resolution method
  • How to identify a major problem by the difficulties encountered (Pareto, decision matrix).
  • Drawing up a factual breakdown of the problem (WWWWHHW method)
  • Correctly identifying and selecting the causes that you need to address (fishbone diagram, root cause analysis).

Part B Learning objectives:

Address the problem resolution process using practical tools that you can transfer easily to your own context:

  • How to choose the best solution (effectiveness grid and decision matrix).
  • Using indicators to monitor short and medium term progress.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Upon completion of Part A, you will be able to produce a factual description of a problem and identify its root cause.
  • Completing Part B allows you to use appropriate tools to select the right solution to a problem and monitor their effectiveness over time.