3 routes to good communication

Topic: Applied Personal Development

To communicate effectively, it's important to create a climate that suits the person you are speaking to. There are tools and methods you can use to create better conditions for communication. They enable you to be on the same wavelength as the person you are talking to and to listen effectively, and still put your ideas across.

Non-verbal communication is an important aspect of human relationships. The explanations and examples will give you a clearer insight, while the tools and advice are simple and accessible. The “Leveling criticism” tool offers practical tips for more open, frank discussions.

Learning objectives:

  • Using the non-verbal dimension to boost your communication.
  • Using “straight talking” to build more robust relationships.
  • Distinguishing between the five levels of listening

Watch preview video here:

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this module, you will know how to:

  • Use non-verbal communication effectively.
  • Use direct, honest communication in your relationships
  • Ability to look beyond what is said.

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