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So, you want to know how to create a successful Informal Learning Environment internally?

Here are the key criteria we discovered from our recent research, for successfully adopting informal learning within your organization: Communications– Communications is vital for the embedding of informal learning within organizations. From senior managers to HR/L&D departments to employees, an (...)


Top 7 tips for hiring the best talent

“If you can’t spend too much time or effort on hiring smart, the alternative is to manage tough, which is much more time consuming” – Gary Rogers, Chairman and CEO Dryer’s Grand Ice Cream. For many of us, this is (...)


How to capitalise on social media for your learners in Asia today?

Social networking in Asia has increased dramatically over the last few years. In India, for example, as of June 2013, there were 82 million subscribers to Facebook with 62 million accessing through their mobile phones. In Indonesia, as of the (...)


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