​Cegos Asia Pacific and Manzalab Group sign a new regional partnership to accelerate the transformation of corporate learning for the digital era across Asia Pacific

5th March 2018



Cegos Asia Pacific one of the region’s foremost professional skills training companies is delighted to announce a new partnership with Manzalab, leader in HR and Learning 4.0 immersive technologies

Cegos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is partnering with Manzalab across the Asia Pacific region to bring a new generation of learning, Talent and HR tools to organisations everywhere. At the heart of this partnership is a common belief in pedagogically sound learning principles, based on the latest neuroscience research and built with human engagement in mind; mixed with the most up to date, appropriate technology to enable learning immersion to new, unprecedented levels.

Industry 4.0 (The fourth industrial revolution) is at the centre of a brand-new suite of joint learning, business and HR solutions to enable the transformation of human capital management and education for the digital era.

The range of tools, techniques and new learning methods that Cegos Asia Pacific and Manzalab will bring to the market include:

  • Immersive mobile learning
  • Gamified on the job learning APPs
  • Flat screen immersive development
  • VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) solutions employed in all areas of corporate development, from compliance training, meetings management and execution, specialised learning experiences, new product development and more.
  • VR conferencing

Jeremy Blain, Cegos Asia Pacific’s regional managing director, says: “We are absolutely delighted to partner with such an innovative, challenging company such as Manzalab. The blend of Cegos’ 90+ years of learner-experience centred training, with Manzalab’s cutting edge technology and neuroscience know-how, offers our customers an unbeatable combination of disciplines and capabilities. We are truly taking learning to new levels for the Asia Pacific region and beyond.”

Clément Merville, Founder and CEO of Manzalab added: “Partnering with Cegos in Asia and Europe is a real pride for Manzalab Group. Working together on new ways of training enables both companies to offer cutting-edge learning methods to our customers. Mixing deep understanding of knowledge with new tech experiences using Mobile, PC or Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will lead HR departments to go a step further in new ways of learning.”

As well as training and pioneering news ways of learning, both Cegos Asia Pacific and Manzalab  continue to shape industry thinking and will demonstrate many of the new solutions on offer at our Brave New Ways of Working event in Singapore on 23rd March 2017. This will be alongside brand-new research around how companies are transforming to be fit for the future and will feature an array of special guest speakers, panellists and workshops. See the teaser trailer and register to attend here.

About Cegos Group

Created in 1926, the Cegos Group is a worldwide leader in training and development. The Group now runs its own operations in 11 European, Asian and Latin American countries. It is also active in over 50 countries through its network of partners and distributors, which are all leading training providers and top-tier technology experts.

With 1,000 employees and more than 3,000 partner consultants, the Group trains 250,000 people around the globe every year and generates sales of over $220 million USD.

Cegos Asia Pacific is one of the leading digital transformation companies working in the region today, enabling organisations everywhere to integrate and utilise appropriate technologies driving greater human capital development, internal and external communication and closer collaboration.

Cegos deploys a global offering, including turnkey and tailored training and development, operational consultancy, managed training services and international training projects. Its “blended learning” approach aims to provide the most suitable and competitive learner experience, by combining multiple learning formats (classroom training, e-learning modules, videoconferences, webcasts, e-training programmes and more).

About Manzalab

Since 2010, we use neuroscience research scientific rigor and technological developments to serve all sorts of creativity.

With offices in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Singapore, our ecosystem comprises six entities, six different but complementary excellence centers: Manzalab, Manzavision, Akenomy, Perfect Industry, CyberZen and Longue-Vue.

Together, we create new digital experiences covering several different areas such as: training, communication, design, industry, cyber-security and entertainment.

At the forefront of Collaborative VR, we design our experiences for PCs, tablets and mobile phones as well as for virtual and augmented reality environments



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