​Cegos Asia Pacific and the Centre for Executive Education (CEE) join forces to upskill Executives, Leaders and Senior Managers in preparation for the future of work, now.

7th February 2017


According to the 2016 Cegos Asia Pacific survey into the 5 Drivers that will enable success for organisations in the hyper disruptive and competitive 2020s, the key human challenge remains Leader and Manager readiness. In fact, according to the survey, it is the most critical human capital ‘must-do’ for most organisations – http://www.cegos.com.sg/research-papers/5-drivers-essential-success-2020s-workplace/

Cegos Asia Pacific is expert in developing Managers and their teams and is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) whose specialism within Senior Leader and Executive level development make for a perfect marriage of capability and focus, specifically to take business-critical executive and senior leader development out of the closed-door boardrooms and into the mainstream.

In order to execute this effectively Cegos Asia Pacific and CEE are proud to launch a brand new suite of 6 highly practical Masterclass programmes, dedicated to developing Leadership skills for Board, C-Suite and Senior Level Leaders operating in today’s VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) as they meet the challenges of today, while preparing for the shifts of tomorrow.

These unique set of programmes are squarely focused on Leaders’ readiness towards navigating business success in an unfamiliar, challenging workplace, where constant change, increasing expectations and rapidly evolving conditions are the norm.

The masterclass series can be delivered as key-message 2-hour taster sessions, half day workshops or 1 and 2 days programmes – individually or as an entire learning journey. You can find out more here: http://www.cegos.com.sg/leading-vuca-world/

  • Masterclass 1: Transforming the organisation in the digital era
  • Masterclass 2: Leadership that gets results
  • Masterclass 3: Winning the war for talent 2.0
  • Masterclass 4: Managerial coaching for success
  • Masterclass 5: Inspiring a multigenerational, diverse workforce
  • Masterclass 6: Building high performing teams

Jeremy Blain, Regional Managing Director for Cegos Asia Pacific is convinced this is what the market needs:

We are delighted to be partnering with CEE and particularly strengthening our co-working with Prof Sattar Bawany. His vision, passion and drive to spread the word to senior leaders everywhere around developing new skills for the future, now, is at the heart of the challenges we come across day-in, day-out with our clients.
The harsh truth is that many leaders are not ready for the future and are even struggling with the pace of change we are experiencing now; particularly when considering the rise of new technologies and tools, human capital development in the digital era, diversity and inclusion in a more globalised workplace, the future of work as we know it and the increasingly uncertain marketplace many organisations operate in today…

Blain adds…

It’s a massive challenge for some companies and together with CEE and Prof Sattar, we are convinced we now have the winning portfolio of solutions, with practical tools, new learning and action orientation to make a measurable impact, quickly, in terms of Leader readiness for the future; now.”

Professor Sattar Bawany, CEO & Master Executive Coach, The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) is also convinced this partnering will unlock the immobilization at senior level, some organisations are experiencing:

It is evident that conventional leadership development practices are no longer adequate. Organizations worldwide need to incorporate next-generation leadership competencies to address the development needs of their rising leaders. These leaders need to have a broader skill set that equips them to think and act globally in a VUCA business environment. They must do so while embracing cross-cultural diversity and cultivating collaborative relationships within and outside their walls…
…We are convinced that CEE partnership with Cegos will enable managers and leaders to operate in a way that inspires and engages people, while simultaneously addressing changing stakeholders’ requirements and delivering results”. 

To find out more about our masterclass series and to book your initial consultation, please go to : http://www.cegos.com.sg/leading-vuca-world/  or contact us now through learn@cegos.com.sg

For more information: www.cegos.com.sg  | www.cee-global.com
Email: learn@cegos.com.sg

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About the Cegos Group

Since its creation in 1926, the Cegos Group has developed into Europe’s leading player and one of the world’s top providers of in-company professional and personal growth training targeted for Managers and their Teams.

Cegos currently employs 1,000 people and operates in over 50 countries worldwide through its subsidiaries and partner distributors. In 2016, the Group generated sales of nearly $235 million USD.

Cegos is one of the major International players across the Asia Pacific region, based at its Regional HQ in Singapore, and with operations in China and Hong Kong. A network of region-wide Most Valued Partners and Collaborators, ensures Cegos can support Client training and development anywhere, in any language, consistently and with a truly “Think Global, Learn Local” approach.

About the Centre for Executive Education

The Centre of Executive Education (CEE) is an award winning, premier network of established human resource development and consulting firms around the globe which partners with our client to design solutions for next generation of leaders who will navigate the firm through tomorrow’s business challenges.

CEE has established strategic partnerships with Cegos Asia Pacific as well as a network of Affiliate Partners across the globe to assist corporate leaders in optimising their performance and accomplish their business and professional objectives. To maintain competitive advantage and sustain success in a fast-changing business environment, CEE believe organisations must identify, nurture, and prepare the next generation of high-performance leaders for excellence. To this end, our executive development programmes are designed to equip these leaders to support growth, execute change, and develop people to build high performance organizations – leading to increased productivity, exceptional business results, and greater profitability.

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